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The Brands That Make Us

We are constantly working on brands that add value to our company and our consumers

Hr sq

Hidden Reflections is a Full Service Integrated Media & communications Agency based in Mysore, Karnataka. One of the only such agency in Mysore, we deal with a Hidden Reflections was started in 2010 with the aim to bring clean and affordable design to small cities like Mysore.

What started off as an idea turned into a mission . We started off as a one man show and then started to grow with people starting to appreciate our work.

Early 2016 we had the pleasure of joining hands with more awesome people and becoming a part of Merako Media Pvt. Ltd. , and the we would like to say will be history!

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Someone once said: Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to express ourselves and our ideologies. Be it sporting quirky shirts or funky styles, we want our attire to reflect our identity. What better way than to wear your opinion in style? When your tastes and your personality aren’t the same as your friends so why should your wardrobe be? The best way to speak a thousand words without actually saying anything is to let your t-shirt do the talking.

Swagg Deals with Printed T-Shirts, Hoodies, Accessories & Other Funky Stuff

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spark sq

It all starts with a spark. Ignition, combustion, incineration and birth of nations! That feeling when you look into someones eyes and you know they’re the one. The moment you press the start button or turn the key on your vehicle. You know that it’s the beginning of a lot more to come.

Spark is a unique designer label that believes in the best in you. It believes that deep down inside we too have the potential to ignite, combust and incinerate , ultimately putting events into motion and leading to things bigger than we can imagine. 

Spark deals with designer jewellery , household items, gifting, corporate merchandise, etc

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Instamatic is an instant photobooth by Merako Media. A hit at weddings, birthdays, sangeeths and corporate get-togethers , our photobooth never fails to amaze

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CC sq

Cause Connect is a social initiative by Merako Media to lend a helping hand to NGOs and Non Profits using our skill sets and expertise.

Stay tuned for more.

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Do you have an idea for an awesome service or product that can change the world and aligns with our company and offerings! Contact us and we can make it happen!

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