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The Movers & The Shakers

Vinay Shankar

Executive Director

Vinay Shankar is an MBA graduate from RV Institute of Management and has completed his executive education from IIM, Bangalore. He started “Strategic Edge Consulting” which facilitates organisational performance consulting which does consulting and training for about 20 companies and institutes like Ample Technologies, University of Mysore etc. He became a serial entrepreneur by founding ventures like Cheers Mysore and partnered with Pratibha Nayak to start Nakhsha Builders. If he were to come with a warning it would be “Caution:Highly Explosive, Approach only if you’re ready to be blasted”. Vinay is a bibliophile with a penchant for Robin Sharma. Not only does he consider business building a hobby, he’s been at it since he was 18 years old. Our “Lord Commander” so to speak, but unlike Jon Snow, he knows a lot of things! A gourmand at heart, his andhra chilli chicken is to die for!

Nikhil Furtado

CEO & Director

Nikhil is a serial entrepreneur having founded his first company ‘Hidden Reflections’ a design and marketing agency at the age of 18. Amid the success of his first venture, Nikhil co-founded Gotee Apparel and in 2014 went on to start-up iPrint3D developing their own Low Cost 3D printer ,he went on to be one of the 6 finalists in NDTV’s ‘Quest for The Next Big Online Business Idea’ . Gotee was later merged into Hidden Reflections and now heads Merako Media. A combination of Joey and Ross, Nikhil defines himself as an entrepreneur by chance and not choice. When he isn’t at the office, you will find him playing the guitar or reading books by Richard Branson. Nikhil is someone you’d proudly call a friend and boss. His favourite quote happens to be from a person he admires – Steve Jobs, “Live each day as if it was your last, and one day most certainly, you’ll be right”.

Pratibha Nayak


Pratibha Nayak is a civil engineering graduate (2008-2012)  from the renowned University Visveswaraya College of Engineering(UVCE), Bangalore . She is associated with Young Indians – an integral part of CII and is leading the student network called YUVA and is running it successfully. The “Monica” of the office, she runs a tight ship, is independent and is admired by everyone. Mangalorean and Andhra Cuisine are a favorite of this voracious foodie who cannot live without Chilli Chicken and Biryani. Her favourite quote reflects her attitude towards business and innovation: “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t , so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”. On a rainy day, you would find her on a bike ride or sitting in a farmhouse with a book or binge watching TV Series. She wouldn’t come with a warning label cuz she’s too damn cute!

Sudeer Kumar


Sudeer Kumar is a Master of Science in Marine Geology. He has  Worked independently as a Geologist providing solutions for geophysical exploration planning and operations around Karnataka and Tamil nadu  He was the first Indian to be selected as a Geolog CVM Specialist worldwide and and has valuated more than 25 international oil and gas Drilling operations in and around 14 countries.He grew up wanting to become Superman. An adventurer at heart, Sudheer is all about living in the moment and enjoying the journey of life to it’s fullest. Get him to share a beer with you and you’re in for a treat! If he could go back in time, he says he would probably bump into and congratulate himself on the future success. The quote he lives by is “Smartwork over Hard work”. He loves beer and cannot live without it.

Design & Creative

The ones whose minds run wild

Keith Ponceno

Sr. Graphic Designer

Keith Jude Ponceno is a diploma graduate student in computer science from JSS Polytechnic Mysore. After his diploma, he had done a two year course in Animation and Graphic Design at Animaster (Later known as Wiztoons) in Mysore,following which he did a further six month course in Graphic Design at NICET,  The resident Hulk. Very calm and tranquil on surface but a tornado when provoked, Keith is the design genius. A “Chandler” at heart, he believes in keeping to himself. If you can get him to talk to you for more than two minutes, consider yourself lucky. A workaholic and a creative one at that, his dream was to become a pilot. An avid movie buff, he loves the Avengers and plays for team Iron Man.

Shreyas D.A

Graphic & Web Designer

Shreyas is B.E Computer Science & Diploma holder in Design. A doodle freak and a design maniac are probably the best words to describe him. He prefers the peaceful colour palette of Blues and Corals and has never wanted to be anything other than what he is right now – A Graphic and Web Designer. You could whine about anything to him for hours and you’ll never hear him complain. When he is not sitting in front of his laptop, he is playing a guitar. He suspects there is a nomadic streak in him for his love for adventure and travel is insatiable.

Rakshitha PG

Web Developer

Rakshitha is a B.E Computer Science graduate from VTU. Joining as a newbie and learning the ropes of web design, rakshitha is one of the fastest web designers you could find. Stepping off the set of Confessions of a shopaholic, Rakshitha is a self-confessed garment hoarder and proud of it! She’s the office sweetheart. An extrovert at heart with a penchant for all things pink confirmed by the bright pink decal on her laptop, She also loves the songs of Akon and DJ Bravo.

Sraavani E


Sraavani is a B.Tech Graduate & did her PGDM in Marketing & HR at BPBIM, Mysore. A soft-spoken and super talented artist, Sraavani wanted to be an astronaut. Instead of flying to the stars, she now paints them. Black is her favourite colour and she strongly believes that only through art can one express one’s true self. A self-confessed control freak and perfectionist, it’s no surprise she has succeed in transforming her hobby into her profession. She loves treating everyone in the office to her homemade chocolates & food.


Graphic Designer
Lovingly called the “Beard Man” in the office! With Masters of Fine Arts, his inclination towards design and creativity is out of the world. The man at work who uses the maximum keyboard shortcuts, one is always amazed at his speed and control on what he does. One can never see him angry and his smile is contagious to ensure all around him are smiling away to glory.He carries with him a vast experience of events, graphic design, production that helps him contribute to his current role that has gained accolades from his clientele. He keeps himself busy with cricket, music and movies. However, the best of his talent unfolds when he is among colleagues and gives an ample supply of “belly dance”!His role model is our Ex President (Late) APJ Abdul Kalam and goes by his quote “Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.”


Graphic Designer

A graduate in Applied Arts at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts, Ishith Sharma is one designer who has a totally inclined taste towards creative designing. He was awarded the Best Graphic Designer in 2016 at CAVA and has won a Gold Medal in Applied Arts (Graphic Designing). A lovable personality in the office, he is often referred to as the “Logo Man”. His continuous research in the graphic designing concepts surely appears in his creative outputs. He has exceeded the expectations of many clients with his creative designs. He is the first choice in the office when it comes to corporate branding. When he is not working, he keeps himself busy with gaming and opts to listening to songs that one may not have heard of. He lives by the quote “Designing is a ship that sails in the infinite sea of creativity”. A king of sarcasm, he often attracts the attention of people around and also ensures they are comfortable & relaxed when it comes to interpersonal relations at his work place.

Megha Patel

Social Media Manager

Nikhil Maruthi

Social Media Manager

Operations & Support

The people working behind the scenes

Anil Kumar S

Operations Manager

The tallest among the team! MBA in Retail Operations, Anil has a lot of experience that he carries to make the operations team function smoothly at Merako Media. He completed his tenure as a Team Leader in Shoppers Stop and moved on to the next chapter of his career at Merako Media. One can find him listening to music or hooked on to some movie when he is making himself free from the bustling work that he handles in the operations department. He is always energetic, ever helpful to anyone in the office and is also a gym freak. He has a son who always becomes the topic of discussion. His policy in life is very simple, “Be Happy”, a straight yet a profound belief which likewise charms his colleagues.


Adithya AA

HR & CSR Consultant

Adithya A A, Completed his B.Com from Mahajana First Grade College, Mysore in the Year 2013 and was also awarded the Best Outgoing Student.He has won various competitions in the field of HR, Marketing & Communication in the State and National Level. He proudly declares himself to be the Joey of the company, Adithya follows a very simple philosophy – that of ambition. A chatterbox and an extrovert to boot, there is just one thing in the whole world that could put a stop to his banter – Dahi Puri! Whenever you hear loud laughter you can be sure that Adithya started it! He believes that miraculous breakthroughs follow mind-numbing breakdowns. He wants to go back in time to talk to Hitler and to ask him what motivated him to become a dictator…talk about crazy, right?